They Took Your Drivers Licence – What Now

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They Took Your Drivers Licence – What Now?

A driver who had his or her license suspended or revoked can obtain a restricted use license after getting permission from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Accordingly, a restricted-use license is available when a license is necessary for employment, business, trade, occupation or profession, or to his [or her] travel to or from a class or course at an accredited school, college, or university or at a state-supported institution of vocational or technical training. In addition, a restricted-use license can be used to get to and from a rehabilitation program which the Department of Motor Vehicles may require and specifies, as well as treatment or a medical examination specified in a written statement by a licensed medical practitioner.

A driver can also get a restricted use license to drive to and from a daycare facility or similar facility while he/she is at work or school. If the DMV requires a driver to prove that a restricted use license is necessary, the driver must provide evidence that proves that denying the license will result in loss of his/her job or livelihood and thus would be an undue and substantial financial hardship to the driver or the drivers immediate family, or would substantially impair the continuance of the driver’s education.

Car Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Lawyers

Car Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Lawyers

There is nothing more frightening than a car accident – especially if you are driving with children. One moment, you’re driving down the road, intent on your destination; the next moment, your car is spinning out of control and a sickening crash interrupts the conversation you were having only seconds before. In the blink of an eye, your control of the vehicle can be lost, leaving you to rely on sheer instinct and luck to pull through the crash with the least damage possible.

The reasons for car accidents are varied but there are some simple steps you should take if you are involved in a car accident. First, your health and wellness, as well as that of your passengers, should be the top priority. If medical attention is needed, don’t worry about getting the vehicle off of the road – worry about your health and the health of your passengers. If you have a cell phone nearby and are able to place a call, immediately call 911 to request emergency assistance, even if you notice that there are by-standers doing the same thing. Also, keep in mind that when calling 911 from a cell phone, the emergency dispatcher is unable to trace the location of your call and needs to know the exact location of your accident. Give him or her street names and intersection names as calmly as possible to ensure that help will arrive quickly. Your ability to think clearly and stay calm could mean the difference between life and death to someone involved in the crash. car accident attorneys

Also keep in mind that regardless of the events leading up to the accident, you should never admit fault to the emergency dispatcher or anyone else, even if you’re sure that you were the one to blame for the crash. Whether you are injured or not, the words that are written in the police report and emergency dispatch report could affect the outcome of any legal action that is pursued after the crash. Particularly if the other party is also injured, it is important to keep your statements to a minimum until you have had a chance to speak with a personal injury lawyer. He or she will be able to advise you on how to proceed with all of the details involved with the automobile crash.

Injuries sustained from car accidents can be permanent, catastrophic, and life-changing. If you are injured, you could be in a hospital bed and unable to work for months after an accident, resulting in serious mental, emotional and financial trauma in addition to the physical trauma caused by the car crash. The stress brought on by the lack of work and the enormous medical expenses can be overwhelming, as many individuals and families suffer from the results of an accident for years following it. Hospital bills add up, insurance companies squabble over responsibility, and those few seconds of the crash can end up turning into years of struggle for the injured parties.

That’s why contacting a personal injury lawyer is an important step if you are involved in an automobile crash. Be sure to also take note if the other driver was distracted during the moments before the crash. Was he or she on a cell phone or other device? Did you notice him or her learning over to pick up something or to adjust the radio? Sometimes, details such as this can make a lot of difference in the legal action that is pursued following the crash, and they are important to tell your personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. auto accident lawyers

If you were in an automobile crash and were injured, but did not immediately contact a personal injury lawyer, it might not be too late. Perhaps you were unaware of the enormous medical expense that would result from the crash, or of the lost wages you would incur after being laid up and unable to go to work for several days, weeks, or months? Or perhaps you believed that since both you and the other driver were insured, you would be compensated for your pain, suffering, and medical expenses by the insurance companies that you both have paid to protect you?

The unfortunate truth is that most insurance companies will always keep their bottom line insight and will make it as difficult as possible for you to receive compensation. They will throw so many loopholes and fine print at you that the result of dealing with these companies could be just as traumatic as what you have already suffered due to the crash. An expert personal injury attorney will know how to handle these companies and will know how to prepare for the many loopholes they might have in their policies to prevent you from receiving the compensation that you deserve.

Car Accident Attorneys

car accident lawyers

Oilfield Injury Attorneys: Injured in an Oilfield Accident?

Oilfield Injury Attorneys: Injured in an Oilfield Accident?

Oilfield accidents, oil rig drilling accidents, oilfield injuries, offshore injury accidents, offshore rig accidents, gas well drilling accidents can all result in catastrophic injuries and even death.

By their very nature, employees in this industry work in very dangerous conditions. These employees use heavy and complicated machinery.
oilfield accident law
One of the first questions to be answered is whether or not the employer had workers compensation coverage. Please see our pages on “workers compensation” and “nonsubscriber cases” for more detailed information regarding the consequences of the employer being a subscriber to the Act. Does the employer have a worker’s compensation? If the employer does not have workers comp. coverage, then it is very limited in its defenses.

The employer would for all practical purposes be limited to sole proximate cause as its primary defense. If the employer does have workers’ compensation coverage then the injured employee cannot sue his or her employer. More here @

There is a narrow exception in the event that the employee is killed, has financial dependents, and the employer is grossly negligent.

Even if the employer has workers comp. coverage, other defendants may be responsible such as a maintenance company, contractor or subcontractor, equipment manufacturer, owner or another party. If that entity controlled the details of the work, it may have a duty to provide a reasonably safe work site.

Some oil field equipment injuries that have occurred in and around West Texas

Heavy oilfield and oil rig equipment often result in injuries including brain trauma, burns, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, crush injuries, amputations, and even death. Oilfield safety guidelines and procedures often times would have prevented accidents such as valve failure, equipment malfunction, rig collapse, explosions, and others. Drillers, roustabouts, and roughnecks are especially susceptible to dangerous conditions.

There are numerous reasons that oilfield workers are injured, but most common would be the long hours that they work, working with inexperienced co-workers, co-workers that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and others. The Texas oilfield injury attorneys believe that those who have injured due to an oilfield related accident should be compensated the maximum possible.

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