They Took Your Drivers Licence – What Now

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They Took Your Drivers Licence – What Now?

A driver who had his or her license suspended or revoked can obtain a restricted use license after getting permission from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Accordingly, a restricted-use license is available when a license is necessary for employment, business, trade, occupation or profession, or to his [or her] travel to or from a class or course at an accredited school, college, or university or at a state-supported institution of vocational or technical training. In addition, a restricted-use license can be used to get to and from a rehabilitation program which the Department of Motor Vehicles may require and specifies, as well as treatment or a medical examination specified in a written statement by a licensed medical practitioner.

A driver can also get a restricted use license to drive to and from a daycare facility or similar facility while he/she is at work or school. If the DMV requires a driver to prove that a restricted use license is necessary, the driver must provide evidence that proves that denying the license will result in loss of his/her job or livelihood and thus would be an undue and substantial financial hardship to the driver or the drivers immediate family, or would substantially impair the continuance of the driver’s education.