Costs and Financing Options

No matter what your financial circumstances may be, McDowell & Associates, Attorneys will work with you to accommodate your particular financial situation. At this trying moment in your life, you deserve the most effective legal services possible and McDowell & Associates, Attorneys offers a variety of payment options for you to consider.

Legal fees vary and can depend mostly on the type of criminal charges you are facing. Representation for a felony is more expensive than for a misdemeanor. Other factors that can affect legal fees are: the degree of felony or misdemeanor, whether these are single or multiple charges, your prior criminal history, and the available evidence to support your defense (e.g. witness statement, affidavits, video and/or other evidence.) Before quoting a fee, the lawyers at McDowell & Associates, Attorneys will do a thorough consultation to determine the specific facts of your case and what mitigating circumstances might benefit your defense. **Beware of brochures and websites, enticing you with a quoted fee prior to speaking with you. How can an attorney estimate the cost of your defense without understanding the unique circumstances of your case? Many times these are only “teaser” fees. Make sure you know what these fees include and more importantly, what they don’t!

The cliché is true, “you get what you pay for.” When hiring any attorney you should think about the value of your time, your life, your reputation, and your liberty. Just one criminal charge or conviction can turn your and your family’s life upside down. How much is one year, five years, or ten years of your life worth to you and your loved ones? The experienced attorneys at McDowell & Associates Attorneys can potentially reduce or even eliminate restraints on your freedom and assist in putting your live back on track.

Costs and Fees

A competent and capable attorney who is confident in his or her abilities will charge a flat fee, up front, and vigorously pursue your defense from beginning to end. At McDowell & Associates Attorneys, we quote you a “flat fee” for all legal fees up front after your consultation. Occasionally, depending on the type of case and circumstances, specialized experts may need to be retained. Should the intervention of other professionals, such as special investigators or other experts such as I.D. experts, or Blood Alcohol Experts, etc., become necessary, we will discuss the reasons why we think they are needed and the extra costs of retaining their services with you and let you decide. In certain circumstances, McDowell & Associates, Attorneys may be able to petition the court for funds to hire experts and investigators. In that case there may be little or no out of pocket costs to you.

Payment Methods and Options

McDowell & Associates, Attorneys understands that legal fees often arise unexpectedly and typically families do not budget for that purpose. Most people require assistance in financing their legal bills, and there are many options available.

The most obvious option for alternative financing includes family members, friends, credit cards and home equity loans. Below is a partial list of some of the options available to you in raising funds for your legal defense. (Other options may be available depending on your circumstances)

Credit Cards

McDowell & Associates, Attorneys accepts all major credit cards: Amex, Master Charge, Visa, and Discover. Should your current limit not be sufficient to finance your legal representation, you may apply with your credit card provider to see if you qualify for an increase in your limit. The number for customer service should be on the credit card itself. You may also want to split the cost over several cards, leaving you credit for emergencies on each card.

Personal Loans

Personal loans can be used to finance your legal defense. Personal loans can either be secured or unsecured.

Unsecured Loans

With an unsecured loan, generally three criteria must be met including credit history, which can be less than perfect, your employment, and your residence. Unlike secured loans, you do not need to put up collateral in order to qualify. Each lender will have different and specific criteria for making an unsecured loan, as well as the terms of repayment and interest rates. It is best to contact a few lenders to compare. The disadvantage of unsecured loans is that they often carry a higher interest rate than secured loans, due to the lack of collateral. The average personal loan maximum is $15,000.00, but some lenders will make loans with substantially higher maximum loan amounts.

Legal Financing Companies

My Legal Loan assists people in paying their legal fees. Loan amounts and interest rates depend upon your income, your credit history, and your debt-to-income ratio. This resource offers you affordable means of repayment based on your credit history and customizes its plans to suit your budget. For those with a poor credit history, a co-signer may be used. If you pay off your debt within 12 months, offers you an interest rebate program. For further information, call (800) 708-0208 or go to their website and download the application.

Internet Resources for Financing Your Legal Defense

American Banker Direct offers loans from $100.00 to $1,500.00 to applicants who qualify. This site has a database of lenders where your information is forwarded after filing out the required form. The requirements for obtaining a loan are as follows:

· Current employment or steady, recurring income;

· An active checking or savings account;

· You must be 18 years of age or older;

· Your monthly gross income must be at least $1,000.00; and

· You must be a U.S. resident.

HDFC Loans

HDFC Bank Loans provides assistance with all types of loans, including personal, small draft, home, automobile, cash back, education, property, healthcare and a variety of other loans. You can search HDFC loans to find your local providers.

Your Online Payday Loan Center does not charge for its services. You can submit information either online or via phone, and an assigned leader will contact you to complete the application process. Once all procedures have been followed, you will receive your loan electrically. The qualifying requirements are as follows:

· You must have current employment or regular income of at least $800.00 per month

· You must be 18 or older

· You must have a savings or checking account;

· You must not be active in the military.

Secured Loans

Unlike unsecured loans, the interest rate on secured loans is considerably lower. The problem with secured loans is that you must produce collateral on the loan. The lender will retain the collateral assets as security in the event you default on the loan. However, secured loans are only available to debtors who have sufficient collateral to cover the loan.

Real Property Loans

A real property loan is secured by real property. Real property is defined as any structure, dwelling, land, or enclosure which qualifies as a living space or is used for commercial or other purposes.

Home Equity Loans

Home equity loans are only available to those who either intend to buy, have a mortgage on, or have paid off their home. This type of loan is an alternative to a personal loan, and may offer tax advantages unavailable to those applying for personal loans. Home equity loans can afford you the opportunity of borrowing more money than personal loans, due to the fact that you are borrowing against the equity in your home.


Refinancing a property at low interest rates can enable you to obtain cash for discretionary spending. You may be able to lower your monthly payments at the lower rate, including cash used to finance you legal fees.

Pawn Shop Loans

To obtain a pawn shop loan, you can take small valuable items, such as jewelry, antiques, electronic appliances, etc., to be appraised and used to obtain a loan based on the quoted amount. The difficulty with this type of loan is that the pawn broker will often offer you a sum far below the actual value of the item. Also, if you use this method, the loan must bar repaid within a certain amount of time, otherwise, the pawn broker retains rights in the item and can sell if to anyone.

Title Loans

Title loans are available only to automobile owners. With a title loan, you retain ownership and use of your vehicle, but title belongs to the lender for the life of the loan and until payment is made in full. The amount available for borrowing depends upon your vehicles’ model, brand, working condition, and cannot exceed half of the value of your vehicle. Typically, the amount goes up to a few thousand dollars. Failure to repay the loan can result in a forfeiture of the vehicle (s) to the lender, who can then sell it at will.

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We know that it can be troublesome when you need to act quickly to access money. But often, obtaining valuable information on your case will depend on when you hire your attorney. Again, the old cliché “the sooner the better,” fits, as you don’t want to lose valuable witnesses, video, or other evidence which can be lost or destroyed quickly and easily.